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Benefit from our suite of event management software for outings at your course

Increase Course Revenue

Does Your Facility Host Golf Outings?

Teaming Up With BirdEase Means...

Full Fields of Golfers

Maximum player fees, food & beverage, day of add-ons.

Fewer Management Headaches

Improve all aspects before, during, and after the outing.

More Successful Events

With fees paid quickly and on time, renewing year after year.

More Bottom Line Revenue

Increase player fees, free up your pros, increase event sales.

Increase Outing Business

Give your clients another reason to love your course, by providing them with a dedicated event website. Their website will allow them to promote their tournament, accept online registration & payment, and keep all their information more organized. Help them use the tools and provide them a more successful, easier to run event.

Your BirdEase Partnership: Your Competitive Edge

  • Book events at your course over a competitor
  • Assist committees with their outings
  • Retain more clients and get early renewals
  • Promote the outing on your facility website to increase fees
  • Promote your facility on the outing website to increase exposure

Host More Outings

Increase Profitability Everywhere

Save a staggering amount of time managing events across an entire season. Have access to deep event analytics and expand the most successful strategies.

Shift the focus away from managing tournaments, and towards marketing to tournaments and their golfers.

How Does BirdEase Increase Outing Profitability?

  • Full events create more food and beverage sales
  • Full events create more player fees
  • Full events tend to be repeated annually
  • Unsuccessful events get cancelled in following years
  • Full events result in more course marketing opportunities
  • Time saved allows for more lessons and other profitable activities

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How Can BirdEase Double Course Revenue From a Single Event?

Consider this Example from a Facility in Massachusetts...


Last Year

With BirdEase, Allison's Angels' event was more marketable, easier to run, and outperformed all previous fundraising results.


In The Off Season

Allison's Angels' event website through BirdEase helped the organization create an early sell out, resulting in a full wait list. This meant they were able to expand the tournament in the following year.


This Year

Allison's Angels is running a "double day" using two 18 hole courses at a single club. This allows the organization to raise double the money for its cause, and doubles the course's revenue in outing fees and club sales.

Unrivaled Golf Course Power

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Have More Control

Instant access to outing information across the entire facility

With BirdEase, you’ll be apprised of each event's progress in real-time from one dashboard. You can stay on top of your upcoming outings, see how they are doing, help out if needed, or anticipate a cancelation and book another event.

  • Check in on event progress
  • Hold event managers accountable
  • Access event information and materials
  • Track exact number of registrants in real time

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Have instant access to event day materials

Access registrant and golfer information to create cart signs, score cards and tee sheets for the tournament. Access registrant and golfer information to market to year round and book more greens fees.

Download original image files from sponsor uploads to print signage. No calling or emailing around, just log in, get your material, print and go.

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One dashboard to manage all your outings

Manage all outings at your facility, their registrant and sponsor information from one dashboard. Give your event director more control and access to client events without having to wait for the organization and without having to reach out to the event managers.

Key Benefits

Allow access to each individual event to an applicable event manager at a committee.

Top down view of all your events for the year, their dates, and all of their information.

Instantly identify the events that are doing best, and those that need help.

Receive event-specific registration and payment notifications

Host More Outings