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Complete tasks early, stay organized, be stress free on event day

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Efficient Golf Event Planning

Your charity can organize difficult tasks across the whole team and take care of time consuming tasks early.

Our software will keep your planning organized and stress free before, during, and after the event.

Event Day, Organized & Ready

We'll make sure you're NOT that person behind the paper stack the night before the event. With a website and easy online registration, you can get 'large quantity based' items booked and organized way ahead of time.

  • Mulligans
  • Raffle tickets
  • Contest tickets
  • Dinner tickets
  • Ball drop tickets
  • Drink tickets

With this information readily available, you can organize the items ahead of time. Then distributing them on event day is easy. The Full Report will have individual sheets for all mulligans, all raffles, all putting contests, all ball drop tickets... whatever item you make!

Get Organized Now

Manage Printing and Signage with Ease

All your Sponsor images in one place

Need an easy way to collect sponsor logos? Sponsors can upload their images directly to your Images & Logos database within BirdEase for easy access. Then, when it comes time to create the banner and hole signs, the sponsor logos are right there for you.

Sponsors can upload any type of file including JPEG, EPS, AI, PDF, even a Word Document! Downloadable any time from Images and Logos.

Missing a Logo? Send an instant request to the sponsor, and include the upload link where they can place their artwork.

Unrivaled Tournament Planning Support

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Reports Done and Ready

You'll have tournament planning spreadsheet super-powers

With our 'Full Report' and golfer tee sheet, you will have a complete overview of the entire event. You will know where everything is supposed to be, who gets what and how much, and it was all done for you automatically.

  • All golfers accounted for
  • All sponsors accounted for
  • All items ready to distribute
  • All auction items priced

Easy, Early, 'Sold Out' Golf Tournament

With a beautiful website and all the awesome functionality that comes with the BirdEase tool, you’re well on your way to selling out your event early.

Promote your event like crazy, and you’ll have to turn people away. Email blasts, social media, good old-fashioned word of mouth... everything pointed at your website and getting booked and registered early.

Pro Tip: Offer early bird registration

  • Offer a lower price for early registration
  • Change the price whenever you'd like
  • Previous registrations will not change
  • All done with one simple click

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