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BirdEase handles all of your teams, accounting, invoicing and reporting. What’s left for you to do? Recruit more golfers and sponsors!

Our event management software saves you time at every step of process.

Automate the Entire Registration Process

If you’ve run a golf event in the past, you know EVERYTHING can be a chore. Even getting people registered can be a multi-step process that leaves a lot of room for confusion. No more. BirdEase will simplify everything and cut 90% of the "hassle" out of your registration process.

Start to finish online registration management software

  • Make Registration Items
  • Promote Website
  • Collect Participant Information
  • Collect Sponsor Collateral
  • Collect Payments

Notifications Invoices Reports Spreadsheets RELAX!

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Let Registrants and Sponsors do the work for you!

Golfers can manage and edit their own teams on the fly so you do not have to deal with incomplete foursomes. Sponsors can upload their own logo into your images database so you don’t have to chase anyone.

Need information that isn't collected in the standard BirdEase registration process? Add "custom questions" to the process to fit your needs.

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Automate Reporting and Tracking

Golfers, sponsors, items, payments... the entire event

Our Full Report builds in real time, with an individual sheet for every item you have available. You can get your tickets and mulligans numbered in minutes for event day and distribute easily. You can separate sign sponsors and pairings with 2 clicks.

Quantity tracking will watch your tournament while you sleep and keep track of your available items. The system will update the available quantity and automatically mark an item sold when the quantity reaches zero.

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Automate Payments, Invoices, and Checks

The online payment software automatically creates and manages receipts. On payment it sends you a "reciept for registration purchase" email. There are multiple ways to track and reconcile online card or check payments, all stored in your Registrants section.

Automatic PDF invoices are created for every registration, allowing you to quickly accept checks. The invoice software creates a unique invoice number which matches the Registration ID on your Full Report. All invoices are stored per registrant for quick download or send.

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