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Give sponsors promotion in multiple areas of your Event Website. Link to their company website and social media pages for additional value. Mention them in emails and notifications. They'll continue supporting you year after year!

Multiple options on your Event Website

  • Dominant logo placement
  • Link to sponsor's website
  • Link to sponsor's social media
  • Promote in auction items

Place sponsor logos anywhere!

Have an extra special sponsor who put up BIG MONEY for your event? You can even recognize them on the Registration Confirmation Emails, PDF Invoices, Website Background, and more.

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Give sponsors exactly what they want

With BirdEase you can make any item on the fly

A local printing company wanted to sponsor our event but the signage sponsor was already sold out. They mentioned they could print on golf balls. With the BirdEase website we were able to create a unique sponsor item JUST FOR THEM, while they were on the phone.
Now we have a new "golf ball sponsor" every year!

Make it easy for sponsors to register

Without BirdEase, you’re probably waiting around for your sponsors to mail in their registration form, or call you with the info.

With BirdEase, you have powerful online registration.

Sponsors can easily view all the options you have, add multiple items to their cart, check out, and pay in 5 minutes. You can show off the sponsor company that bought the item when it is sold out.

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Unrivaled sponsor selling power

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Make it easy for sponsors to pay

Without BirdEase, you’re probably waiting around for your sponsors to open your brochure and mail you a check for payment.

With BirdEase, you have integrated online payment.

If a sponsor wants to use a company card for additional benefits, you've got that covered with easy online payment. You still have the option for checks with our beautiful and automatic PDF invoices.

  • Secure online payment
  • Direct funding to your account
  • Automatic invoice creation
  • Automatic email confirmations

Your reporting will immediately reflect the sponsor’s payment... you guessed it... automatically!

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