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Your Fundraising Event Needs Participation & Turnout

With BirdEase, you'll have a website that provides online registration, credit card processing, advanced marketing and promotion.

Our software allows you to increase event participation faster and easier.

Quickly Promote at Massive Scale

"Learn all about the tournament on our event website... You can register, pay, bid on auction items, and even donate!" Wasn't that easy?

Additionally, your website can be promoted via social media, advertised everywhere, and you’ll get registrations from people you don’t even know.

Direct people to your registration website

  • From your organization's website
  • From your organization's social media
  • Email blasts with your web address
  • Web address printed in flyers and brochures

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Cut Registration Time to 1 Minute

"You can register and pay right on our website" is a much better than "I'll email you forms, you print it, fill it out, scan it, email it back to me, or drop it off at my office, or mail it."

Make registration easier, fill the event faster

Visit website, click register, fill out information, enter credit card info or print the automatic invoice. That's it! Direct people to your website and watch the registrations roll in.

Unrivaled Registrant Gathering Support

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Early-Bird Registration With Ease

Promote and motivate golfers and sponsors to get in early. You can easily make Early Bird registration with discounts at a special price. Change the price any time, previous registrations will not be effected.

Enable optional quantity tracking, and your registrants and team members will know exactly where everything stands.

Create urgency to fill the event fast

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Provide Online Payment for a Quick Sell Out

Your golfers and sponsors want the convenience of online credit card payments, give it to them! With seamless online payment options directly following registration, your registrants will pay faster and your event will have much stronger cash flow.

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