Collect Funds Faster

Collect your fundraising payments in real time

I Want My Funds Faster

Your charity needs to get paid on time

Offer online payment, stay notified, keep up with unpaid registrations and take care of business.

Our tournament software makes it easy to collect your fundraising dollars fast.

Online payment & automatic invoicing

Make it easier for people to buy, and you will get paid faster. We give you multiple options to offer easy online payments to your registrants.

With our easy to edit Email Confirmations and PDF Invoicing, you can get all your 501(c)(3) charitable letter information out easy. Sponsors will have all the information they need and have every reason to pay fast.

Flexible payment options

  • Instant setup with BirdEase Payments
  • Integrate your own processing
  • Use PDF Invoices to take checks only

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Stay on top of unpaid registrants

We make it easy to identify unpaid registrants in many ways. You can filter all registrations by “Paid” or “Unpaid” and at a glance know who still owes.

Then, with just the click of a button, send a targeted email to the people who still owe you money, and include a link directly to their payment page!

Remind registrants to pay at multiple points

  • In the editable "Thank You For Registering" email
  • On your editable "Payment" page
  • On your editable "PDF Invoice"

Unrivaled registration payment collection

Contact us today, we will help you collect funds faster

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Your team notified at all times

BirdEase keeps you informed in real time of all registrations, paid and unpaid, as they happen. If you see a registration come in that is not followed by a 'receipt for registration purchase' email, you can take action.

Many ways we keep you informed

  • Notification emails
  • Merchant email receipts
  • Registrants information dashboard
  • Your custom "Full Report"
  • Admin notes per registration

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