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Build on success year over year, from one reliable dashboard

Increase Year-to-Year Success

Your Charity Needs Year to Year Growth

BirdEase provides you with data to understand what worked best in your prior events so you can build on that success.

Don't start from scratch. Build on last year's success using BirdEase.

See What Worked... Build On It

It’s inevitable: You’ll try things that work great, and other things that don’t. Also, your event will have different managers as the years go on. Rely on BirdEase to store valuable information that can inform decision making for years to come, helping the entire committee get up to speed quickly.

Each event’s information is stored conveniently in one dashboard. Wondering what that item was that sold out instantly in 2017? Easy to find.

Information available from all events on your dashboard:

  • Which registration items sold best
  • Which registration items sold worst
  • Which Sponsor packages had the best return
  • Which golfers spent the most
  • Which Auction Items received the most bids
  • Which email blasts were opened the most

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Year Round Home for Your Event

After the event is over, close registration items and post pictures of the event. You can promote year round so people know they can register next year, or whenever you want to get the next event going. Show off what a great event it was with pictures and galleries. Share on social and start taking accepting registrations.

Be easy to find year round

Your tournament website always stays at same domain name address with us, so it says in search engines too! People can search for your event and you can grow your standing base with year round promotion.

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Unrivaled Golf Outing Success

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Proactive Event Promotion

You can also cross-promote events, manage donors, promote your event early, and create successful outings year after year.

Instantly email previous event registrations for your other events. Create surveys and send "thank you letters" after the event to see what people liked the most.

With the Message Center you can remind people all year to register early for your upcomming golf tournament, or for another event you have.

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