Automated Tournament Reporting

Stop manually building spreadsheets and invoices, we have that handled

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Your Event Needs Accurate Detailed Reports

Automatic organizing of all tournament information in real time with our software.

Our software will provide you accurate tournament reporting in real time.

Say Goodbye to Making Spreadsheets

You now have the 'Full Report!'

From golfers to sponsors and every registrant in between, the 'Full Report' is there for you. The spreadsheet builds by the second so you can access up to date information about your event any time.

Every item you create for registration has its own sheet on the 'Full Report'. This gives you an instant breakdown of all individual items, who has registered for them, and the quantity of each.

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Intelligent Automated Reporting and Tracking

With the click of a button you will know "who," "what," "how many" and "how much."

Automated Full Report

Accessible at any time with detailed, up-to-date registrant information. With tab sheets for each item.

Automated Tee Sheet

Two clicks and the golf course a list of your players and the holes you’d like each of them to start from.

Registration Confirmations

Registrants receive an email confirming their signup. They can access their form any time.

Management Notifications

Event managers receive a notification as soon as someone registers, and another one when they pay.

Notifications Right to Your Inbox

With BirdEase you and your team will be be notified any time something happens on the event website. You will be able to coordinate easily and stay on top of registrations and payments, with detailed information and quick links to manage.

Receive email notifications when...

  • A registration occurs on your site
  • A registration is paid for
  • A registration is changed or updated
  • A donation is made
  • A silent bid is placed on an Auction Item

Add other committee members to receive notifications too.

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No More Hunting Down Receipts

Every registration on your event website created a unique PDF Invoice. These invoices are stored in the Registrants section for for instant access.

PDF Invoices automatically are updated to 'Paid' status when an online payment is made. They are downloadable with 1 click from the Registrants section and can be instantly emailed to your participants and sponsors.

Never make a manual invoice again!

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