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Make it easier for contributing sponsors and donors to give you money with your website.

Our software makes accepting online donations easier than ever.

Dedicated 'Donate' Button Year Round

Your BirdEase event website is not just useful for the golf event. After the event you can shut down registrations, post pictures of the event, and accept donations year round.

Online donations with ease

  • Dedicated donation page
  • Prominent button on home page
  • Open donate amount
  • Specific report just for donations
  • Quick checkout process for your donators

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Compensate for Non-Attendance

Many people will want to donate to your event even if they don't attend it. Perhaps they're out of town, or simply don't know how to golf.

With BirdEase, everyone will be able to participate in your event simply by clicking "Donate" at the top of your tournament website.

Even better, since your dedicated event wesite stays active for a full 365 days, you can even attract donations from the procrastinators!

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Plentiful Payment Options

Easily integrate your current merchant account or PayPal, or get setup with BirdEase payments in an instant.

Use the PDF invoice generator and email confirmations to direct people to send checks only if you do not want to integrate online payment.

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