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Your Charity Needs a Golf Event Website

Enter information about your event and your tournament website is automatically assembled.

Have a professional, polished golf outing website for your event in minutes.

Automatic Build

Builds Itself... Seriously! Looking for that magic button? Try clicking "View My Event Website."

Home for Your Event

Have a professional, branded, portal to market and run your charity golf event year round.

Manages Everything

Player and Sponsor registration, online payments, invoicing, reporting, management and notifications.

Promotes Your Sponsors

Gives your golf event sponsors more exposure and make it easy for them to register and donate every year.

Your Charity Golf Tournament Launching Pad

Give your golf event a home to promote, take registrations, market to golfers, coordinate the committe, automate reports and a whole lot more.

For less than 25$ a month your charity gets a lighting fast tournament website with 100% uptime. It's good looking, secure, and sits in front of a complete E-commerce and online payment software engine... WOAH!

Core golf outing website features

  • Process registrations
  • Process payments
  • Show off your sponsors
  • Promote your event
  • Update in Seconds
  • Link to from anywhere
  • Provide event information
  • Collect sponsor logos
  • Promote your auction
  • Collect donations all year

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Dedicated Marketing Vehicle

A dedicated event website is a powerful tool for your charity.

Hosted by us for a full year, your event is always online. Your event is easy to find for registrants and sponsors, and can be changed anytime to suit your needs. We even transfer sites year to year for you. This way your current tournament website stays present in Google's index.

Year round marketing and promotion with ease

  • Promote Sponsors and your charity all year
  • Link to from your charity website
  • Post pictures of the event
  • Accept donations year round

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Increasing Golf Outing Success

Golf Website Benefits in Action

Our dedicated golf event website has enabled our committe to eliminate 80% of the pre-tournament planning every year.
We just KNOW our BirdEase event website is online, promoting last year's event, and ready to take registrations for this year!
It keeps our Sponsors happy and ready to keep their standing contributions in for next year's event.

Building Your Event is Easy

No complicated website builders

With BirdEase you can get a custom golf tournament website online in minutes. From simple and intuitive forms, details about your event are transformed into beautiful graphic presentations for your participants.

Everything you do is updated in real time to your event website, keeping you in full control. We guarantee it's easier than designing a brochure too!

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Match Your Brand With Ease

Look great, and spend no time doing it. Match your charity, benefactor, or organization branding with a few clicks.

Choose from multiple color themes. Upload a custom background or a picture of the golf course you will be playing at. Add a banner or any image to best suit your brand or your key sponsors.

You can add galleries and video to any page.

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More Exposure, More Sponsors

Take advantage of multiple promotion points and available areas throughout your event website and registration process.

Give full credit to those Sponsors or individuals who support you, with the ability to easily select the level of exposure.

Sell larger sponsors with your tournament website

  • Give major Sponsors prominent placement
  • Show Sponsors on sidebar and choose order
  • Show Sponsors on supporters page
  • Show Sponsors within registration
  • Link to Sponsor social media & website
  • Provide Sponsors a full year of marketing

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