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An entire suite of features and tools built for the management of charity golf outings and events.

BirdEase gives you everything you need from one dashboard.

Golf Tournament Management Software

One source of truth for your annual golf events

Our software handles all of your golf tournament fundraiser information from one spot. Team management, golfer player pairings, tee sheet builder, registration, website updates and online payment.

Copy your annual event year to year and develope a true measure of success. Each event is stored in its own bar, with its own event-specific information for quick access to review previous tournament results. If you manage multiple events in a single year, multiply the benefits!

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BirdEase provides tournament management power

You will have total flexibility to alter, update, and manage your field... without breaking any other registration. What could be better?

We know managing a golf outing for months is crazy, so we made sure the software can handle any situation that comes your way.

You can instantly edit the information, items, or setup of any registration. You can change the status, leave admin comments, manually set 'paid' or 'unpaid', add or remove items, access the invoice and stay up to date.

  • Change registration items
  • Change golfers or pairings
  • Remind unpaid registrants and golfers to pay
  • Remind incomplete foursomes to enter golfer info
  • Manually mark 'paid' if a check is received
  • Leave comments to keep your other admins informed

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Seamless Outing Registration Management

Our system automates the entire registration process so you stay organized. From tracking registrations and sponsors to reporting and notificatoins, everything is filed and built as registration happens.

Automate everything and stay organized

  • Automated team management
  • Automated golfer player pairings
  • Automated tee sheet builder
  • Automated notifications with quick edit
  • Automated reports with quick access

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Get Missing Information Quickly

Our automated "Thank You For Registering Email" allows a registrant to come back at a later date and make edits.

If a Registrant had a Foursome and did not enter their other players at time of registration. They can come back to enter their golfers at a later date directly from their confirmation email without having to make an account!

Some benefits of our event management software

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Easily Manage Sponsor Materials

Sponsors can upload their artwork or company logo directly from registration. All logos are downloadable in their original form for quick sending to the printer in Images and Logos.

Sponsors can input their company website address, facebook link, and all information they want promoted. You will have all of this information in one place to grab at a moments notice.

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