Online Golf Event Registration

You will not find a better event registration software built for golf outings

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Golf Tournament Registration Software

No paper, no envelopes, no stamps, no mailbox... No lost sign-up sheets or frustrated players.

Gain more golfers and sponsors with simplified online registration.

Unlimited Items

Don't limit your charity to a printed brochure, you have dynamic online registration.

Unlimited Flexibility

Promo Codes, Discounts, Custom Questions, Full Quantity Tracking for perfect golf event registration.

Full Cart System

Forget one registration at a time, sponsors and golfers can buy multiple items in one registration.

Easy and Intuitive

No headaches for your Registrations and Sponsors, simple, clear, and error free online event registration.

Easy for You to Setup and Manage

Have full control and flexibility when creating your registration items. Determine quantity, order and settings. Upload custom images and create beautiful sponsor packages for online registration.

Create any registration setup

  • Create and manage unlimited items
  • Easily manage details and desciptions
  • Add an image or extra content
  • Manage order and where to display
  • Set number of golfers included
  • Set prompt for image upload on reg
  • Manage flexible quantity tracking
  • Freely apply promo codes and custom questions

You can even change prices without effecting previous registrations, and control when registration is open or closed!

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Easy for Your Registrants and Sponsors

Here is the easy online registration process with your golf tournament website.

Add Items to Cart

Registrants can view your offerings, add items, add tickets, move around pages, then check out to continue registering.

Simple Registration Form

Basic required information so you can contact your registrant and our software can manage. This step confirms registration.

Sponsor Image Upload

Allow registrants to upload logos per item. Uploaded files are available to download for printing, or add to the website for promotion.

Enter Golfer Information

The registration software knows if a package 'contains golfers', like a 'foursome', or a sponsor item that contains groups.

Payment Page & Invoice

Registrants reach the Payment Page in 2 steps. This page includes your payment option and downloadable PDF Invoice.

Automated Confirmations

Sent instantly to you, the Registrant and your team members. The registrant can use this email to re-visit their cart any time.

Let the Software Manage Your Item Quantities

Registration item quantity tracking

Have an item you can only sell a certain amount of, like a major sponsor or hole signage? No problem. Items automatically are marked as 'sold' and remove the add to cart button when the quantity reached 0.

  • Assign a Quantity
  • Check a Box
  • The registration software does the rest!

You can manually add more quantity, open, or close items instantly. We give you complete flexibility to change quantities and make adjustments without effecting a prior registration.

I Want Quantity Tracking

Get the Information You Need

Custom registration and golfer questions

Have full control and flexibility with the information you collect from registrants, sponsors, and golfers. You can ask the individual golfers, or the Registration as a whole. You can make it a requirement for registration completion, or optional.

Ask for exactly what you need

  • Shirt sizes
  • Dinner choice
  • Need rental clubs
  • Golfer team preferences
  • Promo gear choices
  • Anything you like

What about GHIN or Handicap? That can be asked of each golfer too!

Unrivaled Online Registration Support

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Sponsor Package Flexibility

Make your items stand out and suit your needs perfectly

Make your registration options stand out. Upload images to your sponsor packages for even more customization. Name the items, set the price, and they are automatically applied to your event website. You can control where they display on your site in seconds.

Show what the sponsor gets with registration. Entice more sponsors by clearly displaying what the package includes. All of this information is applied automatically to their PDF invoice for easy record keeping.

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In the Know and Up to Date at All Times

Stay informed and in control with automated registration and payment notifications. Registration Changes? Unpaid Registrants? Team Switch? No worries... the registrant can come back any time and update that themselves!

Registration notifications include

  • New registration notification
  • Registration payment confirmation
  • Registration change notification

Handle Any Registration Situation

Custom promo codes & discounts

Simple, induitive, and ONLY prompts for a promo code when the items you say have them are added to a cart. The PDF invoice also reflects the discount from the price total for easy tracking and registrant accounting.

Offer sponsors special deals, handle personal 'hand-shake' deals.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Assign to individual items
  • Create total dollar discounts
  • Create percentage discounts
  • Great for Early Bird registration
  • Great for volunteer signup
  • Great for no cost company event

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