Golf Event Auction System

More item donations, more information before the event... more fundraising

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Auction Items and Silent Bid System

Display your items, take silent bids ahead of time and entice Sponsors to donate more items.

BirdEase gives you powerful online auction software for your golf tournament.

Dedicated Auction Items Section

With BirdEase your event website comes with a completely dedicated section just for the auction. Your charity can show off auction items and promote the event day auction months in advance.

With our Silent Bid System, your organization will have more information going into event day. You can price your items in the most beneficial way possible for maximum fundraising at the tournament.

  • Picture of item
  • Logo of donating sponsor
  • Estimated item value
  • Name and description of item

Start Promoting Your Auction

Increase Golf Tournament Revenue

Use the BirdEase Auction Items System

We originally purchased BirdEase for the simple registration and payments. With the auction item feature our committee was able to contact local businesses and generate multiple item donations for things like gift certificates, free classes and service discounts. The day of auction nearly doubled our revenue for the event!

Receive More Item Donations

Give donating sponsors exposure, receive more items

Companies love to sponsor charities and a good cause, but they also love marketing, exposure, and promotion! With our built in Auction Items feature, this is another benefit you can provide with ease.

  • Display donating sponsor's logo
  • Link to donating sponsor's website
  • Promote donating sponsor in description

Other Ways to Get More Sponsors

Unrivaled Silent Auction Support

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Dynamic Silent Bid System

With one click you can enable our 'Silent Bid' function per item.

This adds a 'Place Silent Bid' button under the Auction Items of your choosing. Users will be prompted with a nice form to post a bid, and the system will automatically update the current highest bid.

  • Set starting value
  • Set required bid increments
  • Display current high bid
  • Be notified of bids

All bids are stored in your Control Panel for quick access.

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