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Pease Golf Course
Pease Golf Course
Our beautiful 27 holes of leafy woodlands, streams, and manicured greens are visually stimulating, uniquely enjoyable, and suit all skill levels.
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Premium Deck Restoration
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Seacoast NH Painters
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Our beautiful 27 holes of leafy woodlands, streams, and manicured greens are visually stimulating, uniquely enjoyable, and suit all skill levels.

Pease Golf Course is a public course and was built in 1901 on the grounds of Lafayette Road (Langdon Farm) in Portsmouth, NH. From its early proponents to those that tee off on the greens today, all have helped to shape and constantly improve the course over time. Most recently, in 2000, a third nine-hole course was added to the original course.

Pease is a unique course for so many reasons. It’s the only course in the area that offers 27 different holes, and has the distinction of being the only course where planes land right before your eyes. Some might think this would be distracting, but it’s really quite incredible to be on the course and watch the Thunderbirds practice, or watch a huge C-130 Hercules or an A-10 Thunderbolt descend from the air onto the nearby runway.

The staff and other golfers here are friendly and easy-going, and so is the ever-present wildlife you’re likely to encounter on the course. Frequently members are greeted by deer, moose and even wild turkeys.

The course tests players from all skill levels, is always in incredible shape, and there’s always a nine-hole course available.

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Event Details

Course Name

Pease Golf Course
200 Grafton Road
Portsmouth, nh 03801

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Event Times
Friday, September 14, 2018

  • Registration Start Time
    07:00 AM
  • Event Start Time
    08:00 AM
  • Lunch Start Time
    12:00 PM
  • Cocktails Start Time
    05:00 PM
  • Auction Start Time
    06:00 PM