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Good Golf Outing Fundraiser Ideas with BirdEase

Here you will find quick and easy ideas to help streamline and automate management to save a lot of time running your charity golf fundraiser.

Great ideas to help your charity increase donations, sponsorships and raise more money at your fundraising golf outing.

6 Ways to Make Your Investment Pay for Itself (10X Over)

For most busy event managers, the prospect of having a tool that accepts online registrations, promotes their event, and automates paperwork and invoicing is an absolute no brainer. If you feel the same way, but want some ideas for how to get all the amazing BirdEase features without spending any money, this article is for you...

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Custom Questions to Improve Your Event

During the online registration process for your event, your attendees will be asked all the vital information pertaining to them: contact information, handicaps (if you enable that feature), names of their golfers or guests included in the registration. However, there may be some additional questions that you would want to ask each registrant...

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How to Use Promo Codes to Sell More Sponsorships

If you are an online shopper, which considering the age we are in, you probably are, there is a very good chance that you have used a promo code when purchasing something. Promo codes are great: they make the cart process more exciting and give the shopper the feeling of saving money (who doesn’t love that feeling?) Any site that offers sales could...

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5 Ways Your Charity Can Have a More Successful Golf Event

Golf tournaments are an excellent way to raise money for your charity, which is why they happen so often. There are endless opportunities to fundraise during golf events: auctions, raffles, hole-in-one contests, and sponsorship packages (to name a few.) Therefore, it is important to be strategic in how you manage and promote your event. Here are 5...

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3 Tips for Running a Great Online Auction

Holding an auction at your charity event is a really smart way to generate more revenue and make that overall fundraising number even higher. Auctions are not only a great way to fill up some space during the day of your event, build strong relationships with sponsors, and get guests excited about bidding–they can be a lot of fun! There are a...

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Why BirdEase is the Perfect Event Solution for Small Golf Outings

You might take one look at BirdEase and think, "Whoa, this thing looks like it's made for a massive golf outing... not a small one, like mine. We understand why you’d feel that way, but... Nope! BirdEase is perfect because your tournament is small. In fact, small homegrown golf fundraisers are the reason BirdEase was created in the first place...

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5 Ways to Make Your Golf Course Love You

A lot goes into planning a golf tournament, and for much of that planning the golf course is involved. It is crucial to have a positive relationship with your golf course to have a successful tournament (for years and years to come!) Though it is an important aspect, many times there is so much going on that it can be hard to present...

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2 Major Committee Objections About an Event Website

There are many elements involved in putting together a golf tournament, so having a committee is a great way to delegate responsibilities and make sure all the bases are covered. As you may know by now, BirdEase is an excellent tool when it comes to managing the variety of aspects that comes with holding a tournament: everything from...

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10 Things Preventing Your Charity From a Perfect Golf Event

As an event manager, you may be a purist and believe that the only way to run a tournament is through mailed out flyers and clipboards. While this method has been used historically, you are missing out on so much by not having a web presence for your event. Particularly an entire website devoted to the day. This includes a custom URL, which...

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How to Improve Golf Tournament Success with Online Payments

If you make your business from planning events from scratch, you know firsthand that times are changing. In the past, it was possible to host and register for an event without the help of the internet, but nowadays things are a little different. With everyone on social media and online shopping platforms, we have become accustomed to getting what we want...

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4 Ways to Avoid Wasting Time Tracking Down Your Golfers

As you might know if you’ve previously run a charity event, one of the most time-consuming aspects is dealing with golfer issues with regards to their starting positions, teammates, payments, etc. All these interactions may seem small, but they can certainly add up and take away from the time you are able to dedicate to marketing your tournament...

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11 Ways You Are Losing Money at Your Charity Event

The money you raise for your charity is valuable, so why would you not want to increase the overall success of your event by making the process more efficient? (Not to mention, rake in more cash at the same time). Whether this is the first charity event you’re planning or the hundredth, you may be unaware of the hidden potential in maximizing...

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3 Brilliant Ways To Be a Fundraising Superhero This Year

Every event manager wants basically the same things: Maximize fundraising, fill your event quickly, and do so in as little time as possible! Sound familiar? For our purposes today, we're mostly talking about the first one: raising as much money as possible. So, when faced with the question, "How do I maximize my fundraising," the obvious answer...

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How Can I Increase Charity Golf Event Revenue Starting Today?

At BirdEase, we’re all about easy... that’s kinda why we chose the name "BirdEase." You might be looking for some quick easy ways to raise more money for your event starting TODAY! Here they are. These are things you can set up and implement in literally minutes! Done for you below: 1. Share your BirdEase charity golf event website via Facebook...

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How Do I Get People To Quickly Pay For Their Registration?

One of the big "thorns" in the sides of many event managers is having to chase people around for money. Nothing like working really hard to raise money AND having to track people down for it!

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