18 Holes, 18 Opportunities: Golf Tournament Fundraising Ideas that Deliver Revenue

Six women high-fiving the success of their charity golf tournament fundraiser for breast cancer.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, hosting a golf tournament is an effective way for a nonprofit organization to raise funds. If you’ve hosted a golf event in the past, you likely know that with each event comes additional revenue-generating opportunities.

As you start planning for the year ahead and your upcoming events, it might be a good time to evaluate previous events and think about new revenue opportunities you didn’t leverage in the past. Hint: every hole on the course offers you an opportunity to raise money for your charity or organization.

Here are a few ideas to grow your charity golf tournaments in 2022 (and raise more money than ever).

1. Hole Sponsorship

Every hole on the course is an opportunity for you to raise money—and for an organization to gain brand awareness. Our Birdease golf event software makes it easy for sponsors to register and checkout online. All you have to do is determine the value of each hole on the course and set the price.

Our online registration item manager will keep track of which holes are still available, and which sponsors bought them. Sponsors will be able to upload their logo and information for signage directly while they register. Our images and logos section will keep everything stored and organized so you are ready to print.

2. Donation Appeal

Every charity fundraiser should include some sort of donation appeal, an opportunity for participants to give a donation of any dollar amount to the charity. While social media is a great place for a donation appeal, the golf course offers another in-person opportunity. Station a volunteer at every hole, or specific holes, to ask golfers to donate on the spot.

Be specific, set an amount, and offer a tangible example of what the amount will cover if each golfer in the foursome donates. It takes little work but can be highly rewarding—especially if you appeal to the heart. Plus, Birdease makes accepting online donations fast and easy. For months leading up to the event your golf tournament website will process and manage donations. At the day of the event you can use your website from mobile devices to accept even more donations.

Learn more about accepting donations online for your golf tournament.

3. Branded Merchandise

Selling branded merchandise on your Birdease charity golf event website is a no-brainer. Branded merchandise can be sold online, in advance, then distributed at the event. Consider event-themed items including gloves, stickers, golf balls, tees, ball markers, towels, golf head covers, water bottles, polo shirts, and more.

Birdease will provide your event with powerful online registration and registrant/item management. You will know exactly how many items to order, what logos need to be on them, and which registrants and sponsors will get them. The system keeps track of quantities and costs for you, and organizes everything into a real-time spreadsheet.

4. Host a Silent or Live Charity Auction

Hosting an online auction before, during, and after an event is another great way to drive revenue. Not only can you extend your reach by hosting it online, but you can also give participants something to do while they wait for other players and participants. In addition, donating items to the auction is another great opportunity for organizations to maximize visibility on and off the course.

With a Birdease charity golf tournament website, you have the ability to host an online auction. The ability to market and promote the auction will help you meet or exceed your goal in no time. Each item can be dynamically bid on or bought outright, based on the settings you choose. Any time someone is outbid, they will receive a notification via email or text with a link back to bid again. You can close the entire auction or individual items at any time, and send the winner a link to come back and pay on your website.

Learn more about our complete golf tournament online auction system.

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If you are not yet leveraging the ideas mentioned above, now is the time to start thinking about which items you can implement in 2022 successfully. With the Birdease software, putting these ideas into action is simple. Chat with one of our experts to help you have the most successful event, yet.

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