2 Major Committee Objections About an Event Website, and How to Overcome Them

There are many elements involved in putting together a golf tournament, so having a committee is a great way to delegate responsibilities and make sure all the bases are covered. As you may know by now, BirdEase is an excellent tool when it comes to managing the variety of aspects that comes with holding a tournament: everything from the initial registration, to automatic invoices, to accepting donations, to creating handy reports for yourself and the golf course.

For event managers, BirdEase sells itself. If you have hosted a tournament in the past, you can see the incredible value in having a BirdEase site, especially with regards to all the time and money it will inevitably save you. You know this, but convincing your committee might be another story.

Here are some tips for presenting BirdEase to your committee and overcoming their objections

Objection #1: We are a charity organization and do not have the money for a fancy event website.

Your Response: BirdEase pays for itself tenfold due to all of the money we can make through the implementation of the site.

The initial cost of BirdEase is $299 for an event website, and an additional $199 if you want to include site building (which means that the BirdEase team will take care of the specifics of making sure your site is perfect.) Sometimes this cost can throw off committees, especially when they represent a charity that needs all the funds it can get. However, with more knowledge about the BirdEase system and how you can get the site to not only pay for itself, but make you more money in the long-run, your committee will start to see the value of the site and will very likely change their tune.

One of the common ways to make BirdEase pay for itself is by creating a “Website Sponsor” package for the cost of your site. As soon as someone buys it, you can display their logo on your site and boom—the site is paid for.

If there is truly an issue getting the money together initially, the BirdEase team is always happy to work with specific situations and make sure you can afford to try out the system and see its benefits. After all, we work with a lot of charity organizations so we know how tight money can be sometimes.

The benefits of using BirdEase are: increased efficiency and revenue, an ease of managing registrants and an all-around smoother event. What’s great about implementing a BirdEase site is the sustainability of an awesome charity event year after year. We make it easy to raise money and keep the event organized so that you can continue doing what you do best, fundraising!

Objection #2: We have run the charity event/golf tournament with mail-out flyers for the past *insert number of years* and it’s worked perfectly fine.

Your Response: Think of all the populations we are not tapping into by making this operation digital! With the lack of a web presence, we are not able to seamlessly share our event to social media and get automatic registrations with the click of a button.

It can be difficult to let go of the way things have always been done. Many times, committees are used to working with older individuals that aren’t thrilled to see things change. Just because you are implementing an event website doesn’t mean that you can’t still use flyers to cater to those specific needs. Creating an event website will only enhance the populations you can tap into and will increase the overall amount of registrants and sponsors you can gain for your event.

You can add more value to sponsorship packages by mentioning on your website, which, if you share to a variety of social media networks will be getting an enhanced number of hits. By adding more value, you can justifiably increase the cost and raise more money for your charity.

You can share the link to your site everywhere with a handy thumbnail! Not only on your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, but also the sponsors, and individuals who are participating in the tournament. Think about the increased visibility this will get for your event!

Registration and payment can be done right onsite. This makes organization easier for you as an event manager, and more appealing to potential registrants and sponsors because they can register and pay more simply.