5 Steps for Organizing a Successful Golf Outing Fundraiser

Graphic with a golf course and piggy bank for blog post on how to have a successful golf outing fundraiser.

A charity golf outing can be one of the largest fundraising events your organization can hold throughout the year. They can run smoothly, sell out months before event day, and be tons of fun. On the other hand, they could be an absolute nightmare to organize and put strain on your nonprofit and its resources.

If this is your first time planning and organizing this kind of fundraising event, there is a lot to coordinate. From selecting a committee and making sure they are all well-informed to collecting payments from golfers and registrants, planning skills might be put to the test, but will ultimately result in a smooth game day! If this isn’t your first time, we hope that we can provide some valuable insight.

1. Don’t do it alone.

If you are planning a fundraising event, recruit help. We’re not saying you can’t organize a successful fundraising event on your own (there are plenty of BirdEase users who can with the right tools); we’re saying that there is a lot less stress when you have help on your side.

List the ‘to-dos’ that you could delegate to another person and then fill that role! When you’ve selected your committee, ensure their success by providing them with the right tools. For example, if you are using BirdEase event management software, provide committee members with their own log-ins to access information they will need!

Learn more about keeping your committee members organized and informed.

2. Provide easy to manage and easy to use event website.

So many of your potential donors, sponsors, and supporters are browsing the web every day. They are logging into a number of social media platforms, buying essentials, and even paying bills. Having an online home for your event is key to making your event even more accessible. Just like a flyer, an event website will provide all the information about the tournament, except it can also include a lot more content.

An event website can allow users to pay for their team at the time of registration, make a donation, or sign up for a sponsorship opportunity. Collecting funds is quick and easy when you take your event online.

Learn more about taking your golf tournament online.

3. Secure donors and sponsors.

Connecting with sponsors opens a door of opportunities and possibilities. Many companies and organizations are already looking for ways to give back to the community, and your tournament just might be what they are looking for! If you’ve built an event website, we recommend dedicating space to your sponsors.

Exposure is an important topic for sponsors. Many businesses have already set their marketing budget for the year, so if there is a chance for their name to be displayed, they want to know about it! If you’ve built an event website with BirdEase, you know there are a ton of fun ways to get your sponsors showcased online.

4. Get the word out.

Ready for action? Getting the word out is a must when filling your event. How is anyone going to know about the hottest fundraising event of the season? If you’ve built an event website with BirdEase, it’s even easier to spread the word far and wide!

Sending out an email marketing blast to your organization’s donor list? Provide a link directly to easy online registration and payment!

Planning to create social media posts? The link is incredibly easy to share and your participants can easily share too!

5. Start planning ahead for next year

Start thinking ahead now. Many successful charity golf events begin planning their next event before the current one is over. It’s never too early to start planning, and your charity golf fundraiser will be at the top of mind for all who participated. All of the organizing you’ve done prior will be of great use. If you’ve documented everything carefully, your next decisions can have a huge impact on next year’s success!

If you’ve taken your event online with software like BirdEase, you’ll have access to important reporting at your fingertips. With accurate detailed reports that cover all aspects of your tournament, your decisions for next year will be calculated.

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