5 Ways Your Charity Fundraising Group Can Have a More Successful Golf Event

Golf tournaments are an excellent way to raise money for your charity, which is why they happen so often. There are endless opportunities to fund-raise during golf events: auctions, raffles, hole-in-one contests, and sponsorship packages (to name a few.) Therefore, it is important to be strategic in how you manage and promote your event.

Here are 5 ways that you can ensure you have a perfect golf tournament—one that can be recreated annually in order to keep that fundraising up!

1. Effective Auctions: giving registrants the ability to make bids beforehand and providing a reason that will entice sponsors to donate more items (for free!)

Auctions are a given. Not only are they fun to include for tournament attendees, but they are an awesome way to get Sponsors visibility. Because you are hosting a charity event, people are already likely to spend more money on things because they are aware that it is going to a good cause. If your auction items are awesome, people will have multiple reasons to want to bid ahead of time

You can display items on your site and credit the donor in multiple places too. This is already incentive for sponsors to donate items, but other sponsors will begin to see the examples of how prominent these logos are displayed and this may influence them to donate themselves (or even more than they would have!)

2. Show off your sponsors for a perfect golf event. Give them more value and place their logo in multiple places.

Check out what your Supporters sidebar will look like! You can also feature them on your own “Supporters Page” and include descriptions and links to their website.

As previously mentioned, sponsor visibility is key. The more exposure you give to your sponsors, the more likely you are to inspire others to donate to your cause and purchase sponsorship packages. You can display their logos prominently on your site (there is a dedicated sidebar specifically for this purpose), mention and tag them in social media posts along with your website’s thumbnail. In addition to including their logo on the course itself on the day of the event, the online exposure increases the overall value so much.

You can increase your price just because of the extra eyes that will see their advertisement, which means more money for your charity. In addition to providing the supporter logos right on the sidebar (of every page!) you can also include them on their own page. By adding descriptions into these logos, visitors of your site can scroll over each logo and see a description pop-up that includes a link to the company’s website and a summary of what they do.

3. Let your Registrants register easier to have a perfect golf event that is filled quicker.

Online registration will save you and your registrants a bunch of hassle. This way they can simply edit their registration without needing to contact you and tying up your communication line. Registrants can sign up for virtually any package you make available, whether that includes golfers, dinner only or just raffle tickets. You have free range to decide what is made available to prospective registrants and you have the flexibility to change these as much as you want.

4. A perfect golf event would get their money quickly, so to have one, let your registrants pay online.

This one is straight-forward, receiving money automatically will help you keep your event organized and mindfully budgeted. By providing a means for registrants to pay on-site, you are making the process easier for everyone, so why not do it? It is simple enough to integrate a preexisting merchant account or simply link your bank information right to the site and watch the fundraising happen!

5. A perfect golf event comes to the course organized – let our system build tee sheets and hole signs for you..

To ensure that your golf event is truly perfect, that means building great relationships with the course. A great way to leave a good impression on the course and have things go smoothly the day of the event, is to come prepared. The BirdEase system has kept this in mind and can provide you with automatic reporting that will help keep you, the course, and the golfers organized. This includes a Tee Sheet, the full report of all registrants, and a list of golfer emails.

These are just 5 of many ways to have an epic event, check out the BirdEase system and create a free trial to explore more!