Charity Golf Software: The Top 5 Features You Need

Top 5 golf software features blog post image.

Planning and hosting a successful charity golf tournament is no easy task. However, there are many great tools out there that will make an event manager’s life easier. If you are planning a golf fundraiser event and want to find an event management platform that will help you streamline communication, planning, and coordination, here are a few features to look for as you compare your options.

1. Dedicated event website

A professional, polished event website gives your charity golf event a home, where you can then market the tournament, process registrations, coordinate teams, and more. When exploring software, ask questions about the website’s features. For example, can you customize the event site to align with your company’s branding? Can you upload photos? Can you customize your event from your phone on the go? Make sure the platform has the features you need for a successful event.

2. Online tournament registration

Some charity golf platforms feature online tournament registration functionality, which eliminates the need for paper, envelopes, stamps, and shipping – and also helps avoid lost signup sheets and frustrated players. With ecommerce functionality integrated into your event website, you allow both sponsors and golfers to view packages, sign up online, and submit payment immediately. Simplifying the registration process will attract more golfers and sponsors to your event.

3. Online payment processing

With online payment processing, you can process online registration payments quickly and get paid faster. While there are various options available, be sure to make sure the platform can integrate with your current payment processing merchant. If you don’t have one, see if they can set you up with one quickly. You may also want to find out if the software can produce invoices for ‘pay by check’ scenarios. As always, make sure you’re aware of any potential hidden fees or limitations in your contract. BirdEase promises no hidden fees – and no contract.

4. Golfer pairing and management

When looking for tools to help you manage and streamline your charity golf event, look for software designed with your needs in mind, from start to finish. Because pre-event planning takes a lot of coordination and organization, we recommend finding software that will automatically help you organize your event day pairings and groupings. Automating this process will give you back time to focus on fundraising for your organization.

5. Online auction system

An online auction system not only allows you to host a socially distanced event, but it also allows you to reach more people and take bids online year-round. Why limit your reach locally when you can showcase items ahead of time in advance? An online auction and donation system is a must-have feature if you’re going to host a successful charity golf tournament or event in 2021. Expand your reach and collect donations all year long.

As you explore golf tournament management software, keep the top five features above in mind before making your decision. If you’d like to chat with our friendly team or see a demo of BirdEase, let us know. Schedule a demo to learn more.