An Exciting New BirdEase Update is Coming Your Way!

We’re here to share with you some exciting new updates coming to the BirdEase platform. We’ve worked hard to refresh, streamline, and optimize the way that you manage your event through our software. To do this, we’re rolling out a brand-new UI!

But hang on–– What is a UI? That’s a great question.

UI is an acronym, short for “User Interface.” In Layman’s terms, a User Interface is the point of interaction between humans (or users) and computers. It provides elements to make your Event Management Dashboard interactive and usable. It allows you to input your own information to create your stunning event website and enables you to manage your event and registrants all in one place.

Here’s a picture of our current UI, pre-update (this should look very familiar for any current users):

Golf tournament software event details page in old UI.

Here, you can customize your site, manage registrations, create packages, retrieve automated reports, and more. All the great features you’re used to with the BirdEase software.

Rest assured– Our new UI will not remove any of these features or affect overall functionality. Rather, we are refreshing the look to make the process even easier for you and your registrants!

Here’s an overview of some changes you can expect to see:

A Fresh New Look.

Like any good haircut, a new look can really spruce things up. While our new UI may not get you any compliments around the office (you look great by the way), it will improve your overall event management experience, which we think is pretty good, too.

We have reorganized our already-stellar features to make them more accessible and user-friendly with a simplified layout.

Take a peek: Slide the bar around for a before and after reveal!


You should notice that––compared to our previous UI––there are more dashboard options available. Now, instead of finding pages within other pages, you’ll have all the options you need to access while managing your event right at your fingertips.

See that blue icon in the bottom right corner? That’s our help center. It will follow you through each page for easy access whenever you need a hand.

Leveling Up the Event Management Experience.

With a great event comes great responsibility. Luckily, we’ve got you covered there.

Notice how all of your most commonly accessed pages are nicely sorted into a dedicated “Management” section. While our best event management features are still in play, they’re now re-organized to optimize accessibility and usability during your process.

Highly detailed and feature rich Registration Information and forms are easily editable and accessible. It has been completely mobile optimized and built to the highest accessibility standards. Like usual, you’ll have full, automated reports just a click away, whether on your desktop, laptop, or mobile.

Golf tournament software Registrant Management section in the new UI.

Visit your “Registrants” tab under “Management,” to view, add, remove, edit, and contact your registrations all in one place. You’ll also see a conveniently-placed button where you can grab those automated reports at any time. They’ll always be up-to-date with your most recent registrations– no intervention required! What a breeze.

All New New Help Articles Built For Quick Success.

If we’re “about” anything, it’s a user-friendly experience. Not only do we optimize usability for your registrants to make their sign-up process easy, but we also want to ensure that your event management experience is as painless, organized, and successful as possible.

While our new UI will inherently improve this experience, we understand that sometimes a helping hand can make the world of a difference. With this in mind, our team is always hard at work creating and updating help articles to aid you in all areas of your Event Management Dashboard.

As mentioned previously, there is a little blue icon in the bottom right corner of each page of the dashboard. This is a built-in help center that you can access at any time.

Golf tournament software chat support widget in the new UI.

If you have a question or are unsure about how to use any part of the software, our help center is a fantastic resource. If you can’t find an article to help you out, we’ve got a great support team online to assist you. You’re never alone in the world of BirdEase event management!

A Dedicated & Passionate Support Team.

While not unique to the new UI, it’s always important to note that at BirdEase, we’ve got the best support team in the game. Our software comes included with dedicated professionals who are passionate about ensuring you have an easy and successful event management experience– Free of charge.

Should you need our help at any time, you can get in touch with a real team member using our support line: 603-319-8094 or our support email any time:

The new UI is meant to make your experience as awesome as it can be. If it’s ever seeming less-than-awesome, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll make things right.

BirdEase Support Team Icon Graphic with two green hands.

So… what are you waiting for? Get out there and start managing!

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