Fun Charity Golf Tournament Themes for Fall/Winter Events

Golf balls with seasonal things on them

Hosting a golf tournament is a fun, profitable way to bring people together to raise money for an organization or specific cause. With the autumn season in full swing, adding a theme to the mix can take your golf tournament to the next level.

If you’re looking to create more buzz around your golf event or attract new players, it might be time to consider planning a themed golf tournament. Here are a few theme ideas that are perfect for the fall and winter months:

Halloween: Birdies and Boos

There’s nothing more exciting than a golf course filled with impressive costumes. While a costume may not be practical for swinging a club, it can still bring a lot of fun to the event – and another element of competition. Also, with this type of event, there are many opportunities to bring your social media accounts to life with festive puns and photos.

Fall: Pumpkin Golf

This theme is perfect for fall, and works well to bring out the creative side of golfers. Players can wear pumpkin costumes while competing in their best costume golf round ever! Themed prizes such as a carved pumpkin trophy or other Halloween goodie bags might also be awarded during the event.

Thanksgiving: Turkeys & Tees

Thanksgiving-themed golf events are perfect for late November or early December tournaments, especially if you’re golfing in a cold climate. Consider awarding prizes such as a stuffed turkey trophy or other Thanksgiving goodie bags during the event.

Fall/Winter: Sweater Golf

This golf tournament theme is a great way to show support for the winter months. Players can dress in their favorite sweater, and bring along a homemade soup or another warm dish to share with others at the event.

Winter: Holiday Scramble

This theme is perfect for holiday tournaments, and brings out everyone’s competitive spirit while showing support of your cause or organization at the same time! During themed golf events, players can wear Santa hats while golfing, and the event is hosted with holiday traditions in mind.

There is an unlimited number of themes you can choose from to make your fall or winter charity golf tournament a success. As you plan your tournament, be sure to consider your audience and plan an event that will work for your participants, whether serious or hobby golfers. If you want your golf tournament fundraiser to stand out and become a big revenue source for your organization, use these ideas to help you stand out and provide a very different experience than all the rest.

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