What is a Hole-in-One Prize Package, and Why Do You Need it at Your Tournament?

Hole in One Prize Packages and charity golf tournament post graphic.

The well-known Hole-in-One Contest. Everyone loves the chance to shoot for a grand prize.

Here’s a crash course answering the questions of: “What is a Hole-in-One Prize Package?” and “Why should I offer a Hole-in-One Prize Package?”

What is a Hole-in-One Prize Package?

A Hole-in-One Prize Package is a great way to encourage golfer engagement and excitement at your event. While not being an outright “money-maker,” it’s a fantastic way to get your attendees feeling involved and competitive.

Hole-in-One prizes are typically added to par 3 holes with a distance of about 160 yards. These parameters help ensure that the prize is possible to attain while still being a challenge to your golfers.

Hole-in-One prizes can differ in content, but are always a great value to your golfers. With BirdEase, we’ve partnered with On the Green’s Tournament Shop, so you’ll have great package quotes available to you that are tailored to your event size and desired prize value.