How BirdEase Makes Your Topgolf Event More Productive

Topgolf is a great place to hold this year’s charity golf event for many reasons. It provides your guests with a fun, contained environment that is conducive to golfers of all skill levels. It, therefore, allows you to invite more people and have an even more successful event! Here are five ways you can use the BirdEase system to make your Topgolf charity golf event even more profitable.

1. Use online registration to keep your event organized

Topgolf can house up to 612 golfers. While your event might not have that many people, having 50-75 participants can be a clerical nightmare for the event coordinator. Keeping all of the twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes straight using paper registration forms takes up too much time, and prevents event coordinators from doing other important tasks, like coordinating more sponsors.

To keep your event organized in a simple, straightforward way, use your BirdEase website to collect and manage Topgolf event registrations. Golfers can sign up as teams or add themselves to groups without your involvement. Or, they can sign up as individual golfers or even for non-golf packages.

Here is an example of how Knights of Columbus uses BirdEase to collect registrations for its Topgolf event.

2. Raise more money with your auction items

Since Topgolf offers a faster rate of play than a standard golf course, you might find your event gets wrapped up quicker than usual. Golfers typically arrive for their tee times at different times throughout the day, so they likely would not be together in one room for a traditional auction or awards banquet. For these types of scenarios, BirdEase comes in extremely handy. With BirdEase, you can upload all of your auction items to your tournament website, take bids electronically, and automatically inform people when they win an item. You can set up your auction to notify people when someone outbids them, and even include a “Buy it Now” option for the auction items. Most importantly, you can advertise your auction items and accept bids long before your event, which gives you some excellent content to discuss on social media to get people prepared and excited about your event!

3. Sell more lane sponsorships

One of the best parts of BirdEase is the ease of which you can sell sponsorship packages right on your website. Traditional golf events typically provide hole sponsorship packages, offering local companies the opportunity to display branded signage at one of the golf holes. While a golf course usually has 18 holes, Topgolf takes this up a notch with lane sponsorship packages, which offers far more than 18 sponsorship opportunities. Since Topgolf typically offers up to 102 lanes (or bays), this is more money you can drive in for your tournament.

With BirdEase, you have the flexibility to set an unlimited quantity of any registration or sponsorship package. Therefore, you can offer as many lane sponsorships as you can sell!

4. Make your event a family affair

Since Topgolf offers something for the whole family, there’s a good chance your event will attract a younger crowd. BirdEase makes it easy to differentiate the various packages to ensure everyone has a great time while maximizing revenue for your charity. For instance, if you know there will be kids at your event, you will want to offer a kid-appropriate appropriate food package ahead of time. By preparing appropriately, you will be able to get a more accurate headcount before the event and, in return, raise more money for your charity.

5. Share information and get people acquainted with your event

Many of your event attendees might have never heard of, or visited, Topgolf. To ensure all prospective registrants know what to expect, you can provide a full summary of how Topgolf works, complete with images and video, right on your BirdEase website. We’ve found that putting this information on the event information tab of your website works the best because it’s typically one of the first pages visitors select. Something as simple as a picture of the Topgolf facility can make your event attractive to a whole new audience of participants.

If you’re holding a charity golf event and are interested in seeing how BirdEase can help you raise more money, save more time, and fill up your event faster, please create a free account at