How Can I Increase Charity Golf Event Revenue Starting Today?

At BirdEase, we’re all about easy… that’s kinda why we chose the name BirdEase.

You might be looking for some quick easy ways to raise more money for your event starting TODAY! Here they are. These are things you can set up and implement in literally minutes! Done for you below:

1. Share your BirdEase charity golf event website via Facebook and other social media

So maybe you’ve already tried promoting your charity golf event on Facebook, but not had much success. Here is an example of a Facebook post that will get great visibility for your golf outing and will increase fundraising. Open your Facebook page, click “Post” and write something like this:

Tips on how to create a great Facebook post for your charity golf event

It’s a good idea to use Emojis and photos of people from prior years’ events – this will help attract the attention of potential golfers. It will also foster engagement among people who see your ad… most research will tell you that using people, faces and personalities in your posts will increase engagement. Additionally, use the “Boost Post” button and apply a small budget to your post (maybe $10-$20) and use Facebook’s targeting options to get your post in front of whatever group of people you’d like! Try “boosting” it to people who enjoy golf or charity, and you can also choose to show it to your current fans and their friends! There are many other targeting options and we are happy to help you with this, just contact us at 603-953-5212

2. Add small dollar registration items to provide more value and to increase average ticket price

Registration items like “Raffle Tickets,” “Mulligan Packages” and “Drink Ticket Packages” can increase the average ticket price with very little effort. Simply giving people the ability to purchase more will typically result in them doing exactly this.

3. Offer Small Dollar donation packages to small businesses and offer to represent them on the Our Supporters page.

Chances are, your local startup companies will not be able to afford your highest dollar sponsorship packages. However, they might want to donate to your event! Send them a link directly to the “Donation” page on your website and ask them to contribute what they can, and offer placement on your Our Supporters Page! If you’d like to know more about how to do this, send us a message @

4. Promote auction items early

When you promote auction items prior to the event, your registrants might start the bidding early! This typically drives upward the selling prices of the auction items. You can use the BirdEase Auction Feature to do this, and it’s a very simple setup process. You can click here to learn more about how to upload auction items, or simply create a free trial account here.