How Do I Get People To Quickly Pay For Their Registration?

One of the big “thorns” in the sides of many event managers is having to chase people around for money. Nothing like working really hard to raise money AND having to track people down for it! But hey, sometimes people forget. So it’s important to have mechanisms in place to remind them to “pay to play.”

Luckily, BirdEase makes this whole process super easy. The fact that we offer integrated credit card processing will substantially shorten the amount of time you have to wait for your money, but sometimes this isn’t enough! There are three straightforward ways to ensure your registrants and golfers pay quickly and on time, even when they don’t pay initially with a card.

#1 Include Prompt Payment verbiage on the payment page.

This can be as simple as stating that you appreciate prompt payment. If a registrant is paying with a credit card, they can do so at time of registration or they can re-enter their registration at any time by using their login information. They can also do this from the confirmation email they’ll receive upon successful registration.

Here’s what we mean by Prompt Payment verbiage:

#2 Include Prompt Payment verbiage in the confirmation email your registrants will automatically receive when they register.

You can include the following paragraph in your confirmation email, which can be edited by visiting the “Message Center,” then “Notifications,” then “Edit Template.”

Example verbiage could resemble the following:

“Thank you for registering for our event! If you have not already done so, we require that you pay for your entire registration within 7 days. You can do so with credit card by clicking “View Registration” and following the appropriate prompts, or you can download your invoice and send a check to us at the following address: 123 Fourth Street, Springfield NH 03801.

Please make checks payable to American Cancer Society”

#3 Send a manual email reminder to those who have not paid

In your Registrants section, separate registrants who have not paid by clicking “Unpaid Registrations.” In their row, click “Registration” next to “Edit”


This will bring you to their registration.

Scroll to the bottom and click “Next” until you arrive at the Payment page. Copy the page link into your browser.

Example: NUMBER

Send this link to your registrant in a custom email.

If you’re interested in trying the BirdEase tool or are wondering what other problems we can help you solve this year, click Free Trial above to gain immediate access to a Demo Account and see what all the fuss is about!