How to Plan a Successful Golf Fundraiser (and Get More Donations)

It takes a team to organize a golf fundraiser. That’s why organizations have a special committee for that! Each member of the committee is given duties to fulfill and collectively, they work tirelessly to bring a charity golf fundraising event together. Here’s how committees, organizers, event coordinators, and more can plan a more successful fundraising event.

Set up your event with ease of access in mind. Use an online registration system that collects and documents all needed information – electronically

From team registration to t-shirt size, having easy to use software that can collect and report all the info you need at the press of a button makes life a little more simple. Collecting flyers and forms can be overwhelming and there’s a chance that these pieces of paper get lost or tossed. Filing this information and transferring written information to a spreadsheet can be a nightmare.

BirdEase Event Management software nearly removes all of the burden of human data entry, and automatically reports everything you need to know about your upcoming tournament. As each donation is received, a player is registered, or lunch ticket purchased, all of the important information is logged for easy access later.

Provide your registrants & participants with an easy way to register and pay right online

Paper flyers and forms are becoming a thing of the past. With the emergence and convenience of making payments on a mobile device, make sure that your event can be fully registered for online – because that is what your participants are already expecting!

BirdEase provides an easy way for organizations to create a website for their event online. Whatever your golf outing might include (the options are truly endless), participants can become a golfer, sponsor the event, make a donation, sign up for a contest, and more. They’ll be able to make their payment or donation online – in the comfort of their living room.

Accept donations online

Accept donations online. Ensure that you are providing people with a way to make a donation if they can’t participate, but still want to support. Because you’ve implemented online software with a payment system, anyone can donate to your great cause!

Get the word out. Make sure your event is easily shareable through social media platforms

Get the word out. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have a large audience. Shout out about your upcoming event by sharing your dedicated event website to any social media platform. You’ll have a custom URL that directly links right to your event.

If someone can’t participate, but would like to donate to your cause, they’ll be directed to your event and can easily make a donation (because you’ve already set it up to do so!).

Sponsors find value in a dedicated event website

Sponsors LOVE that their company logo can be showcased on a charity golf outings dedicated event website. They understand the value of a website and how easily it can be shared to hundreds, even thousands of people. The BirdEase Event Management software allows for your sponsors to receive more visibility. You can showcase and give thanks to your sponsors through your dedicated event website.

Provide members of your committee with access to the event management system

Make sure members of your committee who will need to access this information is provided with the ability to do so. It’s quite simple with BirdEase. Each member can have their own log in to the system and then can pull documents they require as needed. Have a member that is preparing the order of t-shirts? No problem! They’ll simply log in, pull the T-Shirt size report, and can send the list off to the printing company.