How to Run a Charity Golf Event Like a Pro

Running a charity golf tournament is tough work but with the right tools and teams in place, it’s totally worth it. If this is your first time running a charity golf event, your head is likely spinning with great ideas and a few stress-inducing questions. From getting the initial word out about your event to registering your first golfers, where do you even begin? How do you make sure you get it all right? What if you put in all of the efforts for nothing?

We’ve worked with hundreds of event managers and directors, helping them to host successful, profitable golf tournaments for their nonprofits and charity events. One thing they can likely all agree on is: golf tournament management software is a game-changer. 

Here’s some advice for running a successful golf tournament:

When it comes to planning, start as soon as possible.

It is never too early to begin planning. Getting an early start just means that you can get fill your event up sooner and move on to planning the next. The pros start thinking about events two or three years in advance! 

Organize a committee dedicated to bringing your tournament together.

Select committee members based on their expertise and willingness to dedicate their time and efforts. Assign these members duties and make sure they understand the importance of their tasks! Someone should be in charge of ordering signage. Another should be responsible for gathering payments for donations and registrations. Perhaps a golf expert? This team of individuals will help to bring all aspects of the event together.

Raise more money by passing along credit card fees.

If you are using BirdEase Payments, you can now pass credit card fees to your registrants.  You can either require registrants to cover these fees or give them the option whether or not to do so.  This feature is valuable no matter what type of event you are running and can easily be activated in “Payment Options.” 

Make sure your committee has the right tools.

How do you think committees stay organized and make money for the cause? Well, they use the right tools. And, they utilize the right tools in an intelligent way.  BirdEase is an all-in-one event management tool. Many professionals are using BirdEase to manage their charity golf outings. Here is just a quick overview of what BirdEase can do:

  • Provide a customized online home for your event where participants can register, purchase items, sponsor, and make donations.
  • Collect funds quickly & process payments online.
  • Save you a ton of time by providing all committee members access to manage the event from their own dashboard.
  • Sell sponsorship packages online and give sponsors even more visibility.
  • Email all of your registrants & participants so you can stay in communication with them.
  • Keep track of last year’s successes so you can build upon a great foundation year after year.
  • Manage your entire golf event from start to finish.

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