How to Use Promo Codes to Sell More Registration and Sponsorship Items

If you are an online shopper, which considering the age we are in, you probably are, there is a very good chance that you have used a promo code when purchasing something. Promo codes are great: they make the cart process more exciting and give the shopper the feeling of saving money (who doesn’t love that feeling?) Any site that offers sales could potentially benefit from the use of promo codes. We have thought about this, which is why setting up promo codes for your packages is very simple at BirdEase.

We make it easy because we see the value in giving people discounts on items as a tool for selling more. Promo codes are an excellent way to give your registrants the feeling of exclusivity, a cheaper rate (for a variety of reasons) and the motivation to come back to your tournament next year. As you can see from the help file above, you can choose any code to make applicable to whatever package you want and choose a discount (in percentage or dollar amount), so when your chosen registrant checks out, they can simply enter the code and receive a discount.

But how is this going to sell more packages and get our tournament/event more money overall?

It’s simple, by offering a promo code, you can increase the volume of packages you sell. If people feel as though they are getting a great value they will be more apt to buy. This is especially prevalent if you decide to share these promos on social media (across a variety of networks). You can even advertise a one-day-only type of promo code if you want to boost your number of registrants or sponsors quickly.

  • Here’s an example: “Today Only: 20% off a golf foursome when you use the promo code “GOLF20″ at checkout!” Then, once the day is over you will simply disable to promo code. You can try again several weeks later and will hopefully observe a spike in registrants on the days that you offered the promo codes.

Promo codes can also be used as a tool to build better relationships with sponsors. If you offer a promo code to an organization or individual interested in one of your sponsorship packages and really push the exclusivity factor, it is more likely that your sponsor will feel compelled to come back and sign up again next year! If you have an annual golf tournament or event, you may even see word spread and have a higher volume of sponsors in general the following year.

  • An example of a way to offer exclusive promo codes is to communicate your gratitude to those who have offered to support you. You could write a thank-you email and include the promo code that you created just for them as a tool to save them money. It is guaranteed that they will appreciate your consideration and remember it next year.

Incorporating the use of promo codes into your marketing strategy can certainly do your event good, and fortunately the BirdEase system has made it simple to do so.