Setting up a Non-Golf Fundraiser using BirdEase

Did you know you can use BirdEase to set up a fundraising event of any type, even if it has nothing to do with Golf? BirdEase provides you with as many customization options as you need in order to produce a beautiful website for any type of fundraiser or tournament regardless of what it is. Below, we’ll show you how a local roofing company who wanted to do something great for the community has used BirdEase to easily raise money without having to modify their existing website or learn how to use complicated e-commerce tools.

Title your event and change your headers to match your event

By default, your BirdEase website comes with buttons like “Register” and “Sponsorships, but you can modify these buttons to fit your purpose.  Here is what the BirdEase home page might look like by default:

And here is what it can look like when you modify it for your non-golf fundraising event:

Notice in this case, we have switched from 5 navigation buttons to 4, changed the label on the “Register” button to “Donate a Backpack,” changed “Course Name” to “Address,” and removed the Auction and Register button from the header. All these changes can be made in the admin panel of your BirdEase website. 

Rename your registration items

Instead of selling golfing packages on your BirdEase website, you’re probably selling different types of sponsorships and products.  Simply retitle your registration items appropriately.  Here’s what this might look like: 

Raise more money by passing along credit card fees

If you are using BirdEase Payments, you can now pass credit card fees to your registrants.  You can either require registrants to cover these fees or give them the option whether or not to do so.  This feature is valuable no matter what type of event you are running and can easily be activated in “Payment Options.” 

Modify your fields to reflect your event

By default, your BirdEase site will refer to registrants as “Golfers,” but this can easily be changed along with the labels in your navigation and header buttons. You can change this label to fit your purpose.  In the case below, we have set the system to override the word “Golfer” with “Participant” in each instance.  

Brand your website to your desired color scheme

In addition to our classic color schemes and background options, we have recently added a great new feature which allows you to choose the exact color of your website theme.  This is especially valuable if you’re running a company fundraiser which requires you to comply with particular brand standards.  To use this feature, simply choose “Look & Feel,” “Custom Theme,” and the exact hex code you’d like your website to be! 

Remember to thank your supporters

One of the best parts of using BirdEase is how many opportunities you have to thank your supporters publicly.  At a minimum we recommend adding their logos to your “Our Supporters” sidebar and including a description & website URL with their listing.  This gives them a ton of exposure in exchange for their contribution to your fundraiser, making it easier for them to see value in donating and easier for you to raise money! 

Include a Donate button

People might want to make a donation to your cause in a different amount than your registration items.  Including a “Donate” button in the header of your website is a great way to allow them to do so. This feature is enabled by default with your BirdEase website: 

BirdEase can help you no matter what type of fundraiser you’re running!

If you are hosting a golf tournament, a food drive, a fishing derby, or some other type of fundraiser, BirdEase is your go-to website builder and management tool.  With an easy to use interface, simple setup process and straightforward credit card integration we can get your special fundraiser up and running in no time. Don’t worry about messing around with adding e-commerce functionality to your own website… with the click of a button we can remove the burden of implementation from your plate and get you started, so you can focus on the more important thing: raising money for your cause!