Why BirdEase is the Perfect Solution for Small Golf Events & Outings

You might take one look at BirdEase and think, “Whoa, this thing looks like it’s made for a massive golf outing… not a small one, like mine.

We understand why you’d feel that way, but… Nope!

BirdEase is perfect because your tournament is small. In fact, small homegrown golf fundraisers are the reason BirdEase was created in the first place… they’re our jam!

83% of our events have fewer than 50 golfers before signing on with BirdEase.

Why? Because even the smallest tournaments come with their share of headaches and hassles, and could be made better with easy online registration and promotion. Here are some of the reasons BirdEase is the perfect tool for your small tournament.

Small tournaments mean smaller committees, creating lots of workload for everyone. BirdEase removes much of that workload.

The size of your event committee is typically proportional to the size of your past golf outings. We typically find that committees consist of one member for each 10 golfers. What’s that mean for the smaller tournaments? Every committee member still has to work just as hard as they would if the tournament was larger. Therefore, having BirdEase at your disposal is as big a benefit to small tournaments as it is to large ones

Small tournaments want to make a BIG impact. BirdEase supports this initiative and helps you grow your fundraiser so it’s not small forever.

Don’t sell yourself short… what you’re doing for your charity is amazing. Around here, we recognize golf event committee members as a “special breed” who volunteer an often crazy amount of time to their cause. So, isn’t it time to take your small tournament and enhance the impact you make for your charity? BirdEase helps you make that bigger impact you strive for, by:

  • Making it easier to raise money by providing you with a dedicated event website, making your sponsorship packages more attractive. Speaking of attractive.
  • Saving your committee TONS OF TIME, which can be reallocated to selling more sponsorship and registration packages.
  • Providing you with our expertise that has come from working with the best golf tournament managers and consultants nationwide for the past 8 years.
  • Most importantly, helping you attract more golfers due to your simple, paperless online registration and invoicing process.

Small tournaments want to demonstrate their seriousness, and differentiate themselves from all the other small (and large) tournaments around town. BirdEase can be that differentiator.

Why does this matter? Because professionalism and seriousness will attract more sponsors and registrants to your event, and this ultimately makes your tournament infinitely more money to give back to your charity.

Small tournaments typically have small budgets. At less than a dollar per day, your BirdEase investment will definitely pay off.

Every penny counts, and any unnecessary expense must be eliminated immediately. That’s why BirdEase is so feature-rich for only $299 for the entire year – view it as an investment that is 100% likely to payoff, typically many times over. Even if the $299 scares you, we can show you 6 different ways our 900 event managers are utilizing the BirdEase tool to pay for itself. Click here for more info on that.

By the way, you did read that correctly… it’s really only $299 for the year. There’s no catch. $299. That’s it. Full use of every donation-generating, time-saving, event-enhancing tool and function BirdEase has to offer. Less than a buck a day. Make a trial.

Small tournaments appreciate great customer service

You will not find better customer service than what you’ll get with BirdEase. While other “tech companies” don’t even publish a phone number on their website, and require their clients to “submit tickets” to receive support, we at BirdEase pick up our cell phones for our clients, answer texts, and respond to emails in just minutes. Saturday? Sunday? Late at night? We have you covered. Why? Because we truly care about you because of the great work you’re doing, and wan to help you succeed in any way possible.

As far as awesome customer care goes, don’t take it from us. Check out this testimonial from Nicole Gogan, who used BirdEase for a golf tournament she chaired in Brewer Maine (population 9107).

“I loved using the system – and would definitely use it again. It was the first time we had gone “online” for registration so it took a little bit of getting used to, but I found it to be user friendly and convenient. I think it’s also a great selling point that sponsor information will be up for an extended period of time beyond just that of the day of the golf tournament.Upon creation of the site, I had emailed Brad a prior years’ tournament brochure, logos and pictures, and sponsorship levels and he turned it around in a day, with me making only minor edits. I found Brad to be very easy to deal with, very approachable and accessible. If I had any questions, he was on it. One of the big selling points for me was that I could make most content edits myself – I manage our own City website’s content, so it wasn’t a stretch for me to do the edits, but even if you’re not familiar with that sort of thing, if you can write/edit a Microsoft Word document, you’ll be in great shape. I didn’t require any major formatting edits – I loved what he put together the first time (he nailed it, really!), but if there were any minor “cosmetic” changes, like headers or whatever,to fix, Brad was on it very quickly. I most definitely would use this site again. As I said before, I enjoyed working with Brad very much and was very pleased with the product.”

Want to learn how to get BirdEase with no up front cost? Click here to create your free trial account, and we’ll reach out with more information. Or, you can call us at 866-468-0771 to discuss your particular tournament, and we can explore how BirdEase can help you take things to the next level.