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Sample Golf Outing & Event Websites

These registration website examples come together automatically with simple data entry and one-click look and feel options.

We provide your organization with a first class event website in minutes.

Fully Usable Sample Website

Here is an example charity golf outing website you can try out. Check Registration and Sponsor tabs, view auction items, test everything.

Test online registration, check all the pages, it's live to play with!

Match Your Event with Ease

With BirdEase you can easily match your branding or event type. Customize backgrounds, registration items, video, banners, colors and page content.

Usage example of a charity golf tournament for a youth Hockey team.

Other Event Registration Website Templates

With BirdEase you can create any type of event registration website for your charity fundraiser.

Dinner Gala Event Registration Websites

Having an online registration website for your charity's Diner or Gala fundraising event is an absolute must. Our system will allow you to organize tables and register groups to suit the needs of your event.

You can offer Sponsors more promotion with unique dinner and gala themed items, and give attentees the ability to easily register online.

Perfect for Galas, Awards and Dinner Nights

  • Create tables and group items together
  • Sell and register individual tickets
  • Request individual 'Attendee' registration
  • Create unique sponsor items and gala themed packages
  • Ask custom questions for 'Dinner Type'
  • Display and promote raffle and auction items

Our reporting software will even automatically arrange your tables, tickets, diners, attendees, auction items and meal preferences!

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Casino Nights & Poker Event Website

Casino night fundraisers and charity poker events are always great fundraising ideas for a charity organization. With BirdEase you can create a dynamic casino night registration website in less than 5 minutes.

Creative Casino Nights

  • Book individual registrations or make groups
  • Promote creative sponsor packages like "Roulette Table Sponsor"
  • Make flexible add-on items like "sets of chips"
  • Make creative ticket and contest items like "free spin"

Start My Casino Night Event Website

Fishing Tournament Event Website

Charity Fishing Tournaments and Outing Trips are kind of becoming a big thing. When our customers in Florida started asking us how they can use their golf registration website to manage their fishing tournaments, we made some updates a viola! Fishing Event Registration Website.

Key Benefits

  • Group boats and fishing teams
  • Alter sponsors to "Cooler Sponsor", "Life Jacket Sponsor"
  • Ask custom questions like "do you need a fishing pole?"
  • Take registrations for extras like "fishing poles"
  • Post official Tournament Rules on event website

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Clay Shoot Event Website

Clay shoots are a great outdoor sporting charity fundraising event for your organization. BirdEase lets you create an event website with easy online registration specific to your fundraising clay shoot event.

Key Benefits

  • Group teams together
  • Alter sponsors to "Range Sponsor", "Ammo Sponsor"
  • Ask custom questions like "left or right handed shooter?"
  • Make flexible items like "sets of shooting clays"
  • Display rules, videos, pictures and more

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Walking Running 5k Event Website

Make a 5k or or walking event website in no time. You can do it. We even have a full "Pledge" version of the software that will let you create teams from individual registration, then let people make donations to the teams.

Key Benefits

  • Volunteer Signup Items
  • Register teams as items, allow individuals to sign up for teams
  • Ask Custom Questions like 'need shoes'
  • Make flexible items like 'water bottle sponsor'

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Any Fundraising Event You Can Think Of!

You name the event, and one of our charity event managers has likely pulled one off. The flexibility of the website and all of its features make anything possible. All registration items, anything asked changed. It's all about being visible, getting the word out, making it easy for people to register, and showing off sponsors.

Events Like:

  • Pancake Breakfast Fundraising Events
  • Bowling Tournaments
  • Fundraising Fish Fry's
  • Bag Toss and Cornhole

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